We produce Resin Refill RIbbons for ColorCAMM ROLAND PC-600, PC- 60, PC-12, PNC -5000 for several years, since 2005.
Over the years we changed several resin ribbon suppliers. Now we have 3 suppliers for last five years, that allow us to offer our customers the best possible quality for each specific color.
We produce only
RESIN Refill Ribbons. (no Wax/Resin, no Wax ones).
The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, come from original Summa DC3/DC4 cartridges. We buy and work up to get our refills.
The Summa resin ribbons guarantee an exceptional quality on any field of application!
All our resin refill ribbons are excellent for printing on vinyl, polyester,  fabric transfer. On fabric transfer, will last for a long time, even if washed at 60 °C. It's great for sport t-shirts.
Our Refill Ribbons characteristics: 
- Resistance to alcohol and other chemical detergents;
- Resistance to scratches;
- Resistance to saltiness;
- Resistance to many years of exposure to the sun;
- Resistance to weathering (dust ,rain, etc.)
- Resistance to high temperatures;
- Resistance to oils and greases;

- BLACK Premium, same performances, color and fine thin details of the originals.
The best choice for printing in CMYK.

- WHITE Premium, same performances, color of the originals. It's the only avaliable choice for PC-60 and PC-12 (the normal White does not work on PC-60 and PC-12,), but is perfect also for PC-600.

- GOLD and SILVER MATTE (Metallic) ,same performances, color of the originals.

Resin Refill Ribbons Cartridges Cassettes Roland PC-600, PC-60, PC-12 ColorCamm Cartridge Cassette.

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