Upon request we provide TECHNICAL SUPPORT for the following issues:

- Installing / Configuring RIP and Graphic Softwares ( CORELDRAW 12 ,X3 ,X4 ,X5 ,X6 ) for printing with PC-600, by remote TEAMVIEWER connection with customers all over Italy and Europe.

- Basic course of CORELDRAW to start printing and preparing files for RIP.
Ex: White over/under print, etc., by remote TEAMVIEWER connection with customers all over Italy and Europe.

- Installing by remote TEAMVIEWER connection, the Color Palette for ROLAND ColorCAMM printers on CorelDraw and Illustrator.

- Solving incompatibility between RIP software and different versions of Windows operating systems.

- Technical support for the production of graduation thesis books covers.

- Phone support in English and Italian for ColorCAMM PC-600:
a) Print/Cut Misalignment
b ) Incorrect cartridges pickup
c ) Ribbon cut while printing
d) Discontinuous oblique and horizontal lines while printing
e) Printhead voltage and temperature regulation
f) Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. ....................

- Phone support for installation / configuration / alignment of a new PC-600 printhead "do it yourself "!

- Providing Technical Support Software email containing different files such as:
a) File .EPS, color barcodes for cartridges cassettes PC-600 ,PC- 60 ,PC-12
b ) File .PDF, temperature management from the control panel of PC-600
c) File .PDF, temperature management via "teiout.exe" on PC -600
d) File .Cpl, Roland color palette for CorelDraw (all versions )
e) File .Cpl, Roland color palette for Illustrator (all versions )
f) Print Driver for Windows, PC-600 ,PC- 60
g ) File .PDF, alignment procedure for PC-600 Cassette Pickup
h ) File .PDF, alignment procedure for Print/Cut on PC-600
i) File .CPL with professional Working Area for CORELDRAW 12, X3, X4, X5, X6
l) Service Manual ColorCAMM PC-600 ,PC- 60 ,PC-12

- Technical advice on materials for thermal transfer printing ,Manufacturers and models:
a) Vinyl
b ) Polyesters
c) Graduation thesis covers
d) Fabric transfers

- Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. ....................

Resin Refill Ribbons Cartridges Cassettes Roland PC-600, PC-60, PC-12 ColorCamm Cartridge Cassette.

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